This page will eventually contain images and written descriptions of the various characters that you, the reader, will encounter while reading Feral By Nature.

Kelebek Swiftclaw

At this point in time not much is known about Kelebek Swiftclaw's past. She was orphaned as a small child due to some event unknown to her and she has found herself obsessing over the quest to discover what exactly happened to her family. At some point during her youth she sustained some sort of head injury, an injury which has left the memories of her past lost and forgotten. She is small in build compared to most Night Elves and is rather agile, even for a druid who specializes in the ways of a feral cat. She is quiet, fierce, and incredibly loyal to those she cares for.

As far as Night Elves go, Kelebek is rather young still and because of this she is on occasion a victim to inexperience, often blundering or missing the larger picture at hand. She looks to her friend and mentor Taloris Galesong for guidance as she partakes on her journey to rediscover her past. He in turn does his best to ensure the safety and well being of the little druid he had taken in under his his teachings ever since she was but a young druid with no home or family. To her Taloris is her family.

Kelebek much prefers the solitude of the wilds over the crowded cities and towns scattered around Azeroth. She calls no place home for very long, though she has been known to habitually rent out certain apartments or housings if the need to stay in one place for a lengthy period of time arises.

Check back often to discover more about Kelebek's past, who she really is, and find out why some odd things tend to happen around her.

Taloris Galesong 
(As written by Taloris of Nesingwary)

One of the first druids to train under Malfurion Stormrage, Taloris Galesong has seen just about every major conflict on Azeroth. Over the milenia he has become accustomed the solitary life of a wanderer and over many centuries has explored the length and breadth of Kalimdor. While he may roam far and wide, it is the secluded forests that surround the Twin Colossals in Feralas he calls home.

While most druids had opted to settle into the Emerald Dream once the events of the Sundering and the consequential split of the Kaldorei and the High Elves had settled down, Galesong was reluctant to do so. Because of this decision it has given him more of a perspective that most older druids don't have when it comes to the 'younger' or more short lived races of Azeroth. When the elves finally lost their immortality he was against the regrowing of Teldrassil, siding with the the Bronze Dragon, Nozdormu, and the reasons behind the Timeless One's decision.

Over the milenia he has on occasion taken on the occasional student, be they Night Elf, Tauren or Troll, teaching them his vast knowledge of feral combat or attuning them to nature's Balance of magic. While he also knows a decent amount of restoration magic it is by far not one of his strengths, thus leaves matters that require more complex spells of the school to more knowledgeable and capable druids.