Feral By Nature has been a brain child of mine for about a year now, sparked by a very similar project idea from Taloris of Nesingwary (originally hailing from Aggramar). The initial idea was to retell the story that Tal wrote through a series of videos set to music, but the thought eventually evolved to be more based on my own druid. The project was intended to be machinimated and to have very little dialog so the writing you find here may have many guest appearances by several different characters that may never actually 'speak'.

Many of the characters that you may experience in the FBN story are in fact real. Real in the sense that they are characters that I have encountered during my years in Azeroth, and most of the personalities will reflect the players behind the pixels. I will do my best to acknowledge the people behind the characters if they end up taking a major role in Kelebek's story, for the personalities belong to them (as does the physical appearance of the characters, though naturally the models and artwork belong to Blizzard Entertainment itself).

Myself, along with my friends whom will be mentioned at one point or another in Feral By Nature, come from a PvE server. We do not role play, unless you consider excessive use of emotes and gravitating towards random buildings role playing, but we have all more or less played the same characters for years now. These characters have fused on a certain level with the players behind them, and this in turn has inspired me to write a story that incorporated them into a story of my own. This is my first ever public attempt at story writing so please forgive any 'noobish' mistakes on my part. Tips and tricks how to fix my mistakes are of course always welcome.

For those of you who stumble across this blog and don't know who the writer is, I'm Saz. My main blog is World of Saz, and no that is not my actual name. For now I prefer to hide behind my character name until I must reveal my secret identity to the world. Some days I like to pretend that I'm a super hero after all, but we all know that I'm just some plain Jane who likes to fancy that she knows how to manipulate pixels and words.

If you feel the need to contact me for whatever reason, please do so either via Twitter (@serenitysaz) or you may email me at serenitysaz@yahoo (dot) com.

Please don't gank the works that you find here, or really from anywhere for that matter. Feel free to pass around some link love, but don't take my works here and republish them as your own. Every time you do, your reproductive bits will shrink and kittens cry out in pain. Save the kittens!

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