June 23, 2011

The Hut by the Lake

A young girl-child's voice, somewhere off in the distance.

"Kelebek...wake up Kelebek..."

"...Kiya?" Groggily Kelebek opened up her eyes. Squinting from the bright light that streamed through the little hut's door, she peered around the one room building hoping to catch a glimpse of the child who had woken her from her dreamless sleep.

Slowly her mind cleared as she began to wake up. Who is Kiya? she wondered. Kelebek sat up on her little cot and rubbed her temples as she searched her patchy memory as to who the girl was. Nothing. Always, nothing. With a sigh of frustration Kelebek got up from the make shift bed and walked to the little lake just outside of the hut's front door. The early afternoon's sun danced upon the little ripples of the lake, creating a dazzling effect that, while stunning, hurt the young druid's eyes.

She knelt down on the grassy shore of the water's edge and splashed a bit of the cool liquid onto her face. Rarely did she bother to gaze at her own reflection, but today she studied her features. Her wide mouth sported dry lips, the tattoos that ran vertically down her angular face seemed almost faded, her pale skin had an unhealthy tint to it. She looked tired and worn out.

Kelebek jumped when a low, gravely voice spoke. "Your answers don't lay within the weeds of that lake, child."

"Tal, you startled me." She took a shaky breath, trying to calm her over taxed nerves. "I figured that I'd try to take up shamanism. I hear that all they must do to find their answers is to ask the elements, not crawl about on all fours hunting for them like demons in the night."

Taloris Galesong chuckled quietly. "While Elune may make us sensitive to the tides and nature's beckons, we night elves are not adept at asking the elements for advice." His lined and wizened face grew serious with his next statement. "Did your trip to Winterspring yield any information?"

"No, it was just a goblin looking for a quick pinch of gold. The tip was false." Kelebek winced in pain as she stood up and faced Tal. "When I accused him of false information he began to yell about how I was attacking him. Everlook's bruisers were on me in a minute. I doubt I'll be welcome there again."

The old druid's face was a grim mask. "At least you have returned safely. How was the road back?" While Taloris may not have cared for many folk, for some reason he felt a bit responsible for the young orphaned druid. He couldn't stop Kelebek on her futile search for her long lost family. All he could do is help in what little ways he could while at trying to ensure that she was as safe as possible. She looked ragged, and it worried him greatly.

"I managed to stealth past that demon camp north of here without much problem. We may need to move on soon, they seem to be multiplying and that sludge is slowly making it's way towards this lake. I don't think you can protect Felwood much longer, Taloris."

With a heavy sigh Taloris said, "I've done just about all I could. I've done what I could to protect the woods of Felwood, but I cannot heal the wounds that these demons have created. I've never been gifted in the art of healing."

"Perhaps it's time we spoke with the priestesses of Darnassus. Maybe they can call out to the druids of restoration to heal these lands and round up a few Sentinels to finally put an end to the demon spawn."

"You may be right child, but I think I dislike the idea of walking into the city even more than you. Even the tranquility of Darnassus makes me uneasy."

"Then I will go."

"As you wish child. But please, keep out of trouble."

"I shall do my best, Elder. I'll be sure to ask for the aid of Felwood prior to inquiring about my family."

"I'd rather you would just seek help for the wilds and leave the trail to your past hidden."

Always, he thinks me to be a fool, Kelebek thought to herself. To Tal she simply said "You know I cannot do that."

"Then may luck and Elune be with you, child." With that the old druid turn away and shifted into his usual shaggy bear form. Kelebek watched him as he lumbered off into the woods.

The young druid groaned to herself as she rubbed her bruised muscles tenderly. Never a day's rest. Always searching for answers, always seeking help.What I wouldn't give for a quiet night under the stars... Kelebek sighed to herself and began to collect the few belongings she had. It was going to be a few weeks journey from the little hut that she shared with Taloris to the city of Darnassus. She was unsure of how long she would have to take residence there before she could convince the priestesses of the city to lend her and her mentor a hand with the demons. It would take even longer to carefully inquire about that event that happened oh so many years ago.

With her things packed Kelebek took one final look around the hut. Satisfied that she had left nothing of importance she once again walked outside into what was now evening beginning to settle on the lake. Such a beautiful sight, and yet she knew that if something wasn't done soon, that little lake would become yet another slime pool. She had to get moving.

"An ear to the ground and an eye to the sky. Elune grant us all safety."

With that she swung her pack onto her pack and shifted into her cat form. The orange sun gave way to a sickly green hue as she made haste to the city that held the area's last hope.

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  1. It looks like you're off to a fine start. Good luck with this new project. I'll look forward to watching your story develop.


  2. Thank you for your kind words, Rhoelyn : )